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Microsoft Certification – SharePoint 2010 Administration

I have been working over the past three weeks on my SharePoint 2010 Administration skills and knowledge. All of this effort was in preparation for taking the MCIT 70-668 exam this week.

Well, I took my exam yesterday, and was very surprised at the experience. I showed up at the testing center about 30 minutes before my appointment. Of course, the doors were locked as no one had shown up yet.

A few minutes later, the doors were opened and I sat down. After showing my ID, and having the test admin boot and login to the PC, I was finally on my way. To my amazement, the test isn’t anything like I expected.

I read through the questions, carefully evaluating the choices for the answers. I purposefully didn’t wear my watch so I could focus on the test instead of the time. Not once did I look at the clock, or worry about the time.

Moving though the test, I started to appreciate the amount of review that I did. But I did realize that I was breezing through the questions faster than I thought reasonable, so I slowed my pace, reviewing each question carefully.

Moving through the test, and reaching the end…I planned no review of my answers. I’ve been burned by second-guessing my answers in the past. Finally finishing all of the questions, I went through the survey and completed my test.

I walked out of the testing room and was handed my results…perfect score!

I have been working with SharePoint 2010 for almost 18 months, and that experience, along with some prep-work enabled my successful completion of my first certification.  I would also recommend CertificationTutorials as a source for practice and study guides. Yes, it costs money, but this resource was invaluable in my preparation.

I strongly advise those of you out there contemplating getting your certifications to do it. While it may be daunting, difficult to schedule, and overall a pain, it sure makes you feel good when it is over.

Now on to the SharePoint Configuration exam, 70-667, to complete my MCITP for SharePoint 2010.