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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Managing Information Policies and Compliance in SharePoint 2010 – Idera Software Webinar Presentation

I recently delivered a webinar with Idera Software on Information Policies and Compliance with SharePoint 2010.  This is a very basic introduction of the component parts of the policy and compliance puzzle.

The overview of the webinar was published as “Information accumulation can be a big issue within such a collaborative platform as SharePoint 2010.  There are techniques and best practices to control how information is kept and enumerated as valuable to the organization.  During this session, participants will gain valuable insight as to how to assign information policies to Work In Progress or Draft information and the application of Record Retention to critical documents within their SharePoint environment.  The topics covered will include SharePoint 2010 Information Management Policies, Content Types, the Record Center, location-based policies and In Place Records management.”

You can hear the full version of the recorded webinar through the following link:

The presentation slides are available here: Idera Webinar – Managing Information Policies and Compliance in SharePoint 2010